Let's collaborate.

Why partner with us?

Get a consistent coffee supply

We have been in business for some time now. And that has given us time to perfect our roasting to produce really good coffee.

Committed to your success

We don't just sell you coffee beans. We will work alongside you, be it creating a special blend for your coffee business or equipping you and your team knowledge to make great cups of coffees.

Help you become experts

As a wholesale partner, you will get access to our educational materials. We hold training at our space and can also provide a tailored program for in-house training.

Low order minimums

When you are starting to build your coffee business, you may have limited budget since you probably have invested a lot in buying equipments, renovation or hiring employees. With low minimums, we give you the flexibility to start out small and then grow.  As your business grows, we will also be able to grow in capacity with you.

How It Works


We take the time to understand your business needs so that we can recommend the best beans for your needs


You pick the beans you want based on your budget and customer profiles.


If you have any issues with the coffee beans, we will be one call away.

Let us help you with your business.

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