First Crack Coffee Roastery is not just your neighborhood roastery - we are a brand for you who wants to live deeply in an intentional and mindful way.

How we started?

It all started in 2015 from a visit to a farm in Northern Thailand when we had the chance to work closely with the coffee farmers where we learned about coffee from A to Z. We saw how coffee brought the community together. And we also saw how hard the farmer worked to grow each coffee bean. When we sat sipping our coffee in the middle of the mountains, we felt a profound connectedness of all people and living beings that created the cup of coffee - from the soil and microorganisms that nurtures the coffee plant to the many different hands that picked each coffee fruit, processed, roasted and brewed the cup of coffee. 

Our Roasting Philosophy

We bring mindfulness to our roasting. We seek to understand the origins of the beans to extract and bring out the best flavors from any beans. No matter where the beans come from, we treat all of them with respect.

In 2015, when we came back to Malaysia, we noticed how coffee beans from around Southeast Asia were disregarded. That was when we became inspired to roast and bring unique flavors out of each bean, no matter where they are from. We started with beans from Indonesia and Thailand. With one of the beans from Thailand, we managed to bring out floral notes which was surprising to many baristas. That drove us to continue our quest in developing and fulfilling the potential each coffee bean has. 


Going back to the fundamentals

Understanding where the beans come from so we can bring a great cup of coffee to you.

Stay Curious. Keep Experimenting

"Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back."

Satisfaction in surprising your taste buds (and ours too!) keeps us going.

Creating Connections

You are not just a customer to us. You are part of the community